Carpet cleaning very good for health

Ever come back from picking up the kids, tired and hungry? You just want to sink into the warm embrace of your soft bed. Alas, you forgot to tell them to take their shoes off and they stomp in, treading mud and grime all over your beloved carpet. You’re devastated and do not know what to do because it’s going to cost you to get in those professional cleaner guys and you can’t spare the money. Go in for Las Vegas carpet cleaners Summerlin South, which is really good.

Luckily, you’ve got the answers right there in your house and we are going to show you how to use it. And even if you do not relate to our story, and you’ve got a carpet, jump right in, there’s room for everyone!

The first rule of carpet care is …


Yes, vacuuming at least twice a week can do wonders for your carpet. It makes your carpet free of dander, dust, mold, and any other icky creepy crawlies hiding there. You should make sure you pay attention to the major thoroughfares like the living room and ensure you get those hard to reach places under the sofa and beds. We advise you to get a cordless vacuum for this purpose and to also ease the strain on your back. The good news is that it can also serve as exercise, so you’re keeping fit while doing your chores. You could also just go get yourself a Roomba, then you won’t have to vacuum ever again! There are many services but you need to select the best. Be sure you make use of Las Vegas carpet cleaners Summerlin South, they are very good in their job and also give you value for money. That makes them a good choice. People will enjoy using their service and that will help a great deal. Also, the pricing is very good and you will not need t worry about anything on that front and that makes it a good choice.


This chemical can be found at your local drugstore and is very great with stains and spots. Pour a sufficient quantity on a towel. This towel should be white, so the colors don’t run into the carpet and should not shed. Apply the soaked towel to the stain and blot gently. However, if the stain is a tough one, you can rub gently. If this method is done well, then you will not have a problem. Lots of people are confused and do not know what they should be doing. They may hire a service which is not up to the mark and then regret later and that is the last thing they want. There are many services and selecting the right one is never easy. Make sue of a good service called Las Vegas carpet cleaners Summerlin South.


If you are skeptical about applying chemicals or any liquid which isn’t detergent to your carpet, you can try a drier method. Sprinkle a bit of corn starch or baking soda around the room; be sure not to get it on the upholstery. Let it settle for a while, this enables it to absorb the stains and smells. Then vacuum thoroughly. If a spill has soaked into the carpet, you could make a paste out of vinegar and floor. Apply this paste on the pesky stain, let it dry, then peel it off. Your carpet is 10 years younger! – Okay, that might be stretching it. This is a very good way of getting things done and the results are very good and you will be able to see that in a quick time. There are many people making use of this and are getting value for money. There are people who are very confused and do not know what is right for them. Some people may hire a service which is not up to the mark and may regret later and you will not have a problem.

  1. AMMONIA: I know I know….it smells horrible. That’s why you have to keep the area well ventilated while using it, so the smell does not stick. Just blot a small amount on the offending stain with a towel, preferably white as usual. Ammonia can be harsh; it is advisable that you test it out on a little section of the carpet, like the one in your closet first. But this is one of the best ways of getting this done, once done it will be much more simpler.

A dirty carpet is a hassle and a terrible health hazard. It’s a breeding ground for mites and other disgusting insects. It can trigger asthma attacks and cause other breathing problems. Children, especially toddlers may get sick when they eat food off it. Rashes and other skin reactions are also among the many plagues a dirty carpet can cause. Let’s not forget that it is just plain unpleasant to see and that re-carpeting is super expensive. So what are you waiting for? Here are a few tips to revive your poor carpet, and get it looking as good as new.


When your carpet gets too icky, and you’re certain you crush a colony of tiny insects whenever you step on it, then it’s definitely time to visit your local hardware store and rent that steam cleaner. Lug that back to your house and get started on that mess. A steam cleaner, like its name suggests, uses steam and sometimes cleaning chemicals – it is optional, to clean out your carpet and immediately vacuum the moisture up.

You have to be careful though, too much of the cleaning solution may leave a soapy layer that will become a dirt magnet – one step forward, two steps back. Also, If too much water is used, the carpet becomes soggy and turns into a perfect culture for mildew and mold. Yuck!

There you have it, four easy ways to save your money. Remember to tell them to take off their shoes next time!