Disney Princess Inspired Makeup Look: Ariel

“The Little Mermaid” was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child. I could really relate to her growing up because I too loved music, and had always wondered what was outside my little coastal town. I wanted to see the world and explore all of its wonders. Prior to “The Little Mermaid” I had developed a love of all things mythical, one of the creatures I had always hoped existed somewhere in the world were mermaids. I wanted to be one. I’ve since then grown up but I still love the sea as much as the day I first stepped foot on my first beach. The look that I’ll be interpreting is sort of based on Ariel. When I say sort of I mean it’s a different version of Ariel than what you’ll find in Disney movies. This Ariel is all grown up, and definitely a woman. This mermaid look is great for the spring and summer, and is based on a piece by a Deviant Art artist by the name of Bakanekonei. The piece I’m basing my look on is titled “Won’t You Kiss the Girl.” For copyright reasons I can’t post the picture so please click on the link to see the art work. Trust me, you’ll want to see it. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Bakanekonei’s version of Ariel is a more sultry one than Disney’s. She has smoky, mesmerizing eyes, pouty lips that are fairly down played in color and sun kissed skin. I’m going to incorporate all of these elements in my makeup interpretation. Before we get started you’ll need to prep your eyes and face, and gather tools. For this look you’ll need five shades of eye shadows; dark green, matte dark brown, a shimmer white or cream, bright green and a yellow gold. I’ll post up the shadows on my blog if you need help identifying the colors. You’ll also need a flat liner brush, medium flat shadow brush, a fluffy shadow brush, black mascara, navy blue eyeliner, a dark sea green liquid eyeliner, and a highlighter. False lashes are optional.

Makeup Look

Start by patting down the dark brown shadow to the balls of your eyelids, then add the dark green shade to the outer corner of your eyes, and blend the edges where the two colors meet. The next step is to add the yellow cold color to the inner corner of your eyelids. Try to keep it on the eyelids and not the surrounding areas. The best way to do this is to use a q-tip to apply it, then blend the edges where it meets the dark brown. Now use the bright green shadow along the outer corner crease to soften the edges to the dark green. Use the white shimmer shadow to highlight along the brow bone. After all that patting the brown may have been blended out, if so go back and touch up the brown and yellow gold. Dab some dark green shadow with your flat liner brush and apply it along the bottom lash line three-fourths of the way in starting from the outer corner. Now, it’s time for eyeliner. I used my dark green eyeshadow for the top lash line and winged out slightly. If you’re like me and don’t have a liquid eyeliner of that shade then improvise with the shadow by adding a drop of eye drops to a liner brush and dipping it into the shadow. Apply the navy blue eyeliner to the waterline.

All that’s left to do to complete this look is to add a highlighter to the bridge of your nose and alone the sides of your nose where the corner of your eyes meet your nose. Then use a q-tip to apply the yellow gold shadow around the tear duct and remaining part of the lower lash line, and blend the meeting colors slightly. Now that your eyes are done do your eyebrows, apply mascara and false lashes if you want.

For your face I would suggest using a bronzer and blush dual. I find that baked blushes work really well in this situation because it’ll give you a slightly peachy hue along your cheeks but also give you a sun kiss glow. Apply this along your cheeks, your temples and across your nose. As for the lips, go with a rosy pink hue with a gold undertone, or dab a lip gloss of similar shade to the middle of your lips.

As I mentioned earlier, this look will work for spring or summer, but especially for summer because of the sun kissed face. This look isn’t so dark that it can’t be worn during the day, and it’ll work just as nicely at night. Have fun and complete the look with a cute outfit. For the full list of products I used and more photos visit, “Ariel: Sultry Siren.”