Online strategy for video gamers

Clash of Clans is an online strategy video game, which can be played on mobile phones. It is a massively multiplayer game. Clash of Clans a freemium game, which means it is free of cost. But, sometimes, you will have to pay for in-game items such as resources and gems. Supercell, a Finland based game developer, developed and published Clash of Clans. It was released on 2 August 2012 on iOS platforms and on 7 October 2013 on Android platforms.

Clash of Clans is set in a persistent state world and the theme of it is a fantasy in which the player has to play the game as a chief of a village. The player has to use the resources and build their own town. These resources are gained by using the fighting features of the game to attack the other players. The chief resources are a dark elixir, elixir, and gold. Players can adjoin to make clans, up to fifty people can participate together in the Clan Wars, receive and donate troops and also communicate with each other.

Clash of Clans gained many positive reviews on releasing and gathered several high ratings from various critics. You can visit the site for playing the game.

Clash of Clans Gameplay

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer online game in which the players build communities known as train troops or clans and they earn resources by attacking other players. There are four resources or currencies in this game. Defenses can be built and reloaded using elixir and gold, which protects the players from the attacks of other players. Troops can be trained and upgraded and spells can be made by using dark elixir and elixir. The premium currency is gems. A three-star scale is used to rate attacks and these attacks last for the maximum length of three minutes.

A pseudo-single player campaign is also a feature of Clash of Clans. This feature allows the player to attack a sequence of fortified goblin villages in order to earn elixir and gold. The game begins with two builders, but, up to five players can be bought by the player using the gems. You can visit the site to find out more about it.

Clash of Clans tips for beginners

Clash of Clans can be a little tricky for beginners. If you are a beginner, these tips below will help you to learn how you can balance your defenses and attacks. It will also help you to build a stronger base and master the game.

Learn to form a better base: When you begin the game, you will require to build a base. Players can use various guides and tools that will help them in building a better base. The player needs to build a base and place defenses and buildings in order to protect the base from other players’ attacks. The game is all about defense and offense. There are three key things that will help a player in building a better base. These things are building walls, building a strong defense and protecting town hall. If you fail in doing either of these things, you will lose your resources. The basics of building a good base are to put the town hall in the center, placing weapons in such a way that it covers all the buildings and build walls which will keep the attackers busy.

Knowing the time to use shields and rebuild: There are particular times when you can’t be attacked by anyone. The players get a shield for three days when they begin playing Clash of Clans. During the starting period, nobody can attack you. It is smart to use this shield in order to build buildings. If an attack destroys your town hall or 40% or additional of the base, you get a shield which lasts for 12 hours. If the base is 90% destroyed, the player gets a free shield which lasts for 16 hours.

Save your gems: When you begin Clash of Clans, you begin with a few amounts of gems. These gems allow you to buy shields, build or train troops, and other such upgrades. You should not spend these gems in the beginning. These will be useful as you progress in the game and if you use them early, you will need to make an in-game purchase to buy more gems.

Free gems: Free gems in the Clash of Clans can be earned when you overcome a certain obstacle or gain an achievement. Overcoming an obstacle can result in earning one to six gems. Sometimes you won’t get any gems, but if you find and unlock Gem Box, you can earn 25 gems.

Learning to attack: Balancing attacks and defense is the way to succeed in Clash of Clans and gain enough resources that will help you in upgrading. The player should know when, where and how to attack. You need to make strategies before placing your troops.

Don’t upgrade the town hall too soon: It seems very tempting to upgrade your town hall once you are able to afford it but it is not advisable. If your town hall level is higher, you earn less loot from raids. And if you attack the players who have a lower town hall level, you are likely to earn lesser loots. Upgrade your buildings to the maximum level before you plan on upgrading the town hall.

Players should always look before attacking. Visual cues can be used to identify the places you have to attack and things you need to do it. Once you begin, you should adjust your strategies and troops as you proceed in the game. For more information, click here.

The game may come across as a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you understand it and learn these tricks, you will have a lot of fun playing it. You can also visit the site for playing the game and getting more information.