The importance of having a truck dash cam and the kind of service you should look forward to


Cameras are the real deal when it comes to capturing those magical moments that you do not want to forget for a specific period of time in your life. They are the best gadgets to ever been invented and the fact that they are advancing as the time goes by is one thing to be happy about. Times have seen them come with the smart phones and one can only wonder what more does the technology has to offer with regard to cameras. They are prove that something is happening or happened and what more, most people are making a living out of them in different ways. It could be film making, photography or running blogs. There is however a whole new different way of using a camera that is catching up amongst many cars and trucks drivers; the dashboard camera.

Why do you need a truck dash cam?

One may ask of what importance is a truck dash cam to them. In simplest terms, it is simply a camera that is attached at a convenient position on your truck or vehicle, on the windshield most probably, so that it can film you, the road in front or the rear, while you drive. With it in that position, it can be of great importance by offering the following services:

  • A recording can help with police investigations as well as insurance claims by providing the needed proof. That means that video footages that are recorded by a dash cam can be used to prove your innocence or show that you were not at fault in case of an accident. Rear ending being one of the most common types of accidents, a dash cam can help to prove that the driver who was at fault therefore avoiding shifting the blame to the wrong person.
  • There is some rogue or aggressive drivers who are used to fleeing from an accident scene that they were responsible of causing. A dash cam can help identify such drivers and vehicles from the recorded footages.
  • During an investigation, a recorded footage can provide proof of whether the driver was over speeding and the location which is accessible using GPS. Such information can also be used to determine whether someone deserves an insurance claim or not.

You should however not just go looking for any dash camera, but you should first do extensive research by visiting various websites that give detailed information regarding various types of dash cameras and their specifications. The reviews are far much more advantageous because they help you choose the best truck dash cam that is best suitable for your needs.

It is fair to also suggest that dash cams do not always give the best that we expect them to. That means that they come with some sideshows.


A truck dash cam may not always be a worth investment due to the following reasons:

  • It is a possibility that not all motorists are involved in accidents, or find themselves in road scenarios that may require some proof of what transpired. Unless they are the memory making type of people who may need a camera for various sceneries capturing, then a dash cam will prove to be a worthless investment to them.
  • Some dash cams do not provide perfect pictures or footages. That means in some instances it may not be able to capture another car’s number plate unless it is very close. The reason for that could be unfriendly weather conditions or camera that does not have a better video resolution. That is why it is advisable to always look out for high-end cameras that can capture distinctive images and videos despite the circumstances.
  • Some cameras especially those that are single channel, may not view both front and the rear of the vehicle because they are designed to view only one side. That can prove to be disadvantageous especially if the scene of accident cannot be captured to provide the much needed prove of what transpired.

How to mount a dash cam

When it comes to mounting a dash cam, it should be done in such a way that it does not distract the driver. It should also be mounted in such a way that it provides the greatest field of view for the camera lens for effective recording. There are two main ways of mounting a dash camera; bracket with a suction cup in which you can easily remove for security reasons. You can also easily transfer it to another car. Another type of mounting is adhesive whereby it is a permanent fastening which means that it is difficult to remove in case it is broken or may it need an upgrade.

What to look for in a truck dash cam

Internal battery

One of the most desirable features of best truck dash cam is internal battery which is ideal for the fact that the camera can run without permanent power connection. The battery charge duration however varies between different manufacturers. Most models come with cables for running the camera from the car’s socket while others can be hardwired directly to the truck’s power supply.

Built-in display screen

While setting the camera up, this feature allows you to check the alignment of the camera and that way you can quickly review a video without the help of a computer.

GPS feature

GPS feature enables a device to read the exact geographical location it is at. Any device that has a GPS feature is enabled to automatically record the location and in this case, it automatically records both speed and location and matches them with the continuous video recording. Some models come with a GPS feature that views recorded data while others stamp the information on the video. The stamping GPS feature proves to be quite useful because in event of an accident, the police and insurance agencies can easily access the information.