What Characteristics Should A Futon Have For Daily Use?

Undoubtedly one of the most striking and functional versions of a sofa is the futon. In spite of their Japanese origin, in Western countries they have received a very peculiar use. Why? Well, what it is pretended with this piece in this part of the world is to use it as a couch and as a bed too if necessary. For this reason, this particular type of couch can adapt to a large number of contexts and spaces. It is designed just to achieve this.

Futons can be used by all types of people and for all types of homes. They are ideal for people who have very small homes with very small spaces that should be used to the fullest. It can also be used for people with a house much more spacious that like to use the futon in their living room to obtain a bed if necessary during a guest’s visit.

If the case is the first, it is very likely that you are looking for one of the best futons for every day sleeping. These are ideal for very small houses or studio apartments since it can be used as a sofa during the day and at night it can be quickly transformed into a bed. The quality of the mattress and the frame is very important in these cases, since the piece could deteriorate quickly due to the continuous unfolding and closing actions.

In this sense, many people consider that a good quality and stylish futon must be very expensive. In fact, this is not true; it is possible to find good and affordable models through a search of quality. In order to achieve it, the most advisable thing is to review the opinion of experts in the subject that make their recommendations through the web.

Now, how should this product be? What characteristics should it has?That’s easy. To get the best futons for every day sleeping, the facts you have to consider are:

  • The model must be very comfortable: You are already saving enough space by combining a bed and a sofa at the same time. Keep in mind that in this space you will sleep day after day and you might feel very uncomfortable and full of pain if its material is very rigid. The ideal materials for its mattress are cotton and soft synthetic fibers, which has a fine outer texture.
  • It must have a thick and practical coverage: You should look for the highest internal softness and the greatest possible external thickness. It is important that the outside is coated with a good material, as it could wear or break quickly. From a functional point of view, it is recommended that you buy a microfiber futon that, besides being friendly to the environment, is very easy to clean. Something to keep in mind considering that you will use it every day.
  • It must have a good base: Futons mattress are usually put on a wooden or metal base that provides a certain height and prevents the fabric from coming into direct contact with the ground when it is used as a bed. What is sought to avoid with this base is to make the futon just a simple mattress, but rather resembles as much as possible to this bedroom furniture. The base must be resistant and of quality.

Some recommendations to prolong the life of your futon

Taking into account all of the above, it is obvious that a product for daily use -both day and night- has a greater chance of deteriorating rapidly. For this reason, you should consider that there are strategies to increase care and keep this product for longer in optimal conditions.

For example, if you got a piece at a very affordable price but is made of a cover material of low quality, you could opt for extra covers. The cushions or pieces of the futon could use external protectors that maintain the external material in good conditions while also works as a blanket.

This idea works very well for very comfortable futons and with simple structure that can be easily covered. You could opt for thick fabrics that provide a real auxiliary protection and also, this will be an excellent resource to change the color of your futons whenever you want.

Similarly, keep in mind that searching for the best futons for every day sleeping can be a complex task, but it is important that you make this choice with great care to avoid further inconvenience, disappointment or loss of money.

It is also advisable to consider multifunctional futons that have drawers or similar structures on its lower part because they provide a third important function that you can take a lot of advantage of.

You also must take into account the material and how easy it is to clean. If the futon is going to be used daily it is very likely that it gets dirty easily and much more if it does not have any protective material on it. The most advisable in these cases is to look for materials that are very easy and quick to clean. This is the best way to ensure that you will maintain the hygiene of your futon in optimal conditions while protecting your health; surely the least you want is to increase the chances of bacteria and mites accumulating in the space where you sleep and you feel day after day.